Episodes in Driving: The CBD

Thanks to Retro, I did some driving into and out of the CBD today.

The CBD remains the one place I still feel uneasy driving around because of all the nasty little one-way roads, and the propensity for the traffic to do utterly stupid things.

Today was no exception.

Because it’s impossible to street park in the city, we were en-route to a parking lot that we’d identified before starting our trip as open and affordable for a Sunday afternoon.  Apart from missing the first turn-off due to misreading the map, we circle around and come back on Sussex St, and we reach the block and entry for the car park to find some fully licensed turkey has pulled up across the driveway for the parking lot, isn’t moving, and doesn’t appear to have any thing impeding him from moving his car into a less inconvenient position.

I hate using my car’s horn, but that’s exactly what I did – I was stuck mostly merged into the left lane behind him so I could turn in to parking station (which he was blocking the entry to), there were a queue of cars behind me also trying to get into the car park…  What else was I supposed to do when the driver ahead obviously hadn’t even though about the situation around him before stopping.

Fortunately, the trip back out again had no complications.

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