Games Games Games: December Splurge

OK, Being December, and being time of Chrismas Sales and big releases, I have picked up a few more games than I normally would, and there’s also last month’s stuff which I didn’t get around to posting about…

Because I’m lazy (that’s why there hasn’t been a post in here for ages…) I’ll give the ultra quick reviews!

Guitar Hero: World Tour (PS3): Guitar Hero is finally back, after the lackluster Guitar Hero 3.  The new game mechanics make for some more interesting and challenging play, and the soundtrack is actually pretty good.  About 25% through career mode for Solo Guitar.  Drum kit is nice and sturdy, shame about the calibration (fortunately I have a USB-MIDI adapter so I was able to fix it up using the Drum Tuning Tools that Activision/RedOctane released).

Armored Core: For Answer (PS3): More of the same giant robots on ice skates action (*ahem*).  Plays like Armored Core 4, only with a more comprehensible story arc, and some better revised equipment.  Quad-Legs are king-of-the-hill for mobility again!  Banzai!  I still find myself playing this with my finger firmly pressed on the boost button all the time.

Grand Theft Auto 4 (PS3): I finally caved and bought it.  I’m glad that Rockstar didn’t go for another round of gang mentality after San Andreas.  Car controls are twitchy, but all in all, enjoyable so far.

Gears of War 2 (X360): More Gears of War.  If you’ve played and enjoyed the first, you’ll love the second.  ’nuff said.

Valkyria Chronicles (PS3): Simply brilliant from storyline to mission design and gameplay.  If I wasn’t half-stuck on a mission, I’d still be playing this non-stop.

Race Driver: GRID (PS3): High speed arcade racing.  Not bad, but not for realism junkies.  Couldn’t seem to get it comfortably configured to play with my steering wheel, but playing using a Controller is quite satisfying none the less.

Mirror’s Edge (PS3): This game was a real surprise for me – innovative gameplay in a first-person perspective – rather than being a shooter, we have ourselves a first person runner.  The controls make free-running plausable in the first person view, and with a bit of practice you easily find yourself running through the levels at full speed and seriously considering making attempts on the speed-run records.

So after all of that, my main recommendations are:  Valkyria Chronicles (PS3 Only) and Mirror’s Edge (PS3 and X360) – both are excellent games with a fresh take on their respective genres.

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