Still Alive…

Still alive, just not talking much.

gosqlite3 is currently on hiatus whilst I do non-Go related stuff.  Thanks to Tokuhirom and yyyc514 for their contributions.  So far I mostly like Go – I just wish the implementation was a bit more… general.

I have some EVE Online related web tools in the pipe, related to my recent pushes back into Industry and Wormholing.  More on those as I work on them.  Expect them to show up on github sometime in the future.  These I’m doing in RoR.  I recently discovered that the excellent Eve Metrics 2 site was built with RoR and seems to be related to the author of recache.  Rather cool.

2 thoughts on “Still Alive…”

    1. If I ever get back to this, yes – I’m perfectly happy for somebody to take a larger interest and fix it all up – I haven’t been able to invest any real time in this for a while.

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