Dear Game Publishers…

Dear Game Publishers,

Please stop making your single player games reliant on internet connections – a large number of us do not want to be tethered to an internet feed just to play something that we should be able to play offline.

We’re rapidly accelerating to a point where in 10 years time there will be nothing left of your games to remember them by as none of the games will operate without your infrastructure – compared to from 10 years ago to now where people can still play their favorite games from 2000 irrespective of the game publisher’s servers, or even the fate of said publishers.  (Total Annhilation, All the pre-generals C&C games, Quake 3 and earlier are all major examples of this at work – none of which featured any DRM, and all of which still work on the correct operating systems, or completely compatible systems).

Whilst you may not feel there are immediate profits to be made, there is goodwill to be maintained which will help fuel your future sales – this sort of abuse of your player-base merely ensures they’ll leave jaded and less likely to support you in the future.

2 thoughts on “Dear Game Publishers…”

  1. Blizzard’s early games are another great example of goodwill and enduring fan base. How many games are still being sold on a daily basis, ten years after release?

    The community’s love of StarCraft, Diablo and Warcraft have everything to do with non-Battlnet LAN play.

  2. I agree whole heartedly my friends and i still have great fun fragging and Racing each other via Quake 3, RA2, NFS HP2 and a LAN and we all use win 7 x64.. the games these days are just crap because they don’t have any LAN play except via the Internet which here in New Zealand can really suk getting Ping times as slow as 500ms or more leads to crappy gaming

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