Back behind the viewfinder

It’s been 15 years since I last used a film camera.  Well, it was before Saturday night.  It’s also been that long since I did any photography myself for fun, rather than to try to capture an event, to prompt my memory, or to show something to somebody else I couldn’t otherwise move.

I’ve started up a flickr account to upload photos into, but it’s become apparent I need some decent digital kit.

I’m still using an 8MP Fuji “FinePix S5800” which my father got about a year before he passed away.  Whilst it’s an adequate day-time point & shoot camera, it’s low-light performance during Earth Hour was so noisy as to be highly disappointing.

I also shot 3 rolls of 24 exposure 400ISO film during the same event, at least 30 shots of which are fireworks.  Camera used was a used Canon EOS300 with 25-90mm kit lens I picked up for $50.  Shooting the EOS was much nicer than fighting with the point and shoot – I’ve yet to see if any of my photos are exposed properly however – I failed to account for my lack of experience with auto-exposure systems and shot most of the shots in aperture priority rather than switching down to full manual and trying to use the AE metering as a guide until the fireworks hit.

I’l upload scans when they become available anyway.

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