3 thoughts on “Finally Shooting in Digital”

  1. Get yourself a 50mm prime. The F1.8 lenses are very cheap and ridiculously good quality. But if you can afford it, splash out on a 1.4.

    1. Already was my plan, along with the 35mm prime (to counter the APS-C lens crop to get framing closer to a 50mm lens on a 35mm format).

      Once I’ve got those, then I’ll look into a decent EF-S zoom, followed by a real EF tele. And that’s pretty much the limit of my plans.

  2. Woo! Excellent. 😀

    I can quite recommend the 35mm f/2, that’s the only lens we actually have for the 7D at the moment. Sure it’s a bit old and the auto-focus mechanism isn’t USM so it’s noisy, but I love it. The field of view (56mm equivalent) is just perfect.

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