Tactics Ogre

Squeenix dropped Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together unexpectedly into Australia retail.  It’s a PSP remake of the original Tactics Ogre game which featured on the SNES.

Tactics Ogre is yet another turn based strategy game developed by the guys who went on to produce Final Fantasy Tactics and Vagrant Story.

It features a branching storyline, and enough tricky combat tactics to keep you busy for some time – it’s dislodged Z.H.P as my current carry everywhere PSP title.

The Australian retail box is a “special edition” which contains a minimalist artbook (meh) and a mini soundtrack.

The PSP remake features a few nice view options, but doesn’t appear to have been drastically altered from it’s original SNES format graphics, which is a nice change. Players familiar with Final Fantasy Tactics Advance or A2 will find the visual style familiar.

Finally! A fight we can win!

Interestingly enough, the game features a screenshot option, and has extra scenarios for you to play through once you’ve finished the main game.  So far I’ve only finished chapter 1, and that’s already taken a few hours of my life to achieve.

Battles are difficult, but not impossible – occasionally a battle really comes together well and you can storm through it, but in general they feel genuinely difficult as you face poor terrain hindering your units mobility and face powerful enemies who shrug off attacks. This, however, rarely crosses the boundary to unfair – and frequently the best way to finish a mission is to rush for the goal than to cautiously fight through the enemies.

Overall, an excellent member of the genre, and worth the time and effort.  The branching storyline should also offer a fair bit of avenue for replay.

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