LCA2012: Day -1: Arrival and Registration

So, I’m in Ballarat for LCA2012, courtesy of my employer.  I’ll be presenting on Tuesday along with David on some of the work I’ve done on a few tools for systems automation.

The flight was uneventful – although the landing was a bit rough…

The drive from the car rental place to Ballarat was fortunately uneventful, but plagued with a combination of idiots who insist on doing things the hard way (for crying out loud, don’t try to shoot past me on the left if I’m indicating a left merge already >_< ) and the fact the car’s speedo reads about 5-7kph under actual resulting in us doing about 92kph down the western highway when I thought we were doing 98kph (I have a 100kph limit still.  damned P-Plates).  The car is a newish Camry and is by far the newest thing I’ve actually driven any distance now – quite impressed in some ways, but disturbed by the lack of vision due to the body shape (pillars are huge >_< ) and the very light steering.

Fortunately we reached Ballarat and found the motel without troubles.

Registered at the University and picked up the schwag pack.  This year’s bag is a crumpler sack style thing, contianing: A catalyst branded screen cleaning cloth + case, Bulletproof Networks branded mousemat (looks like it might be faux leather or even real leather), an LCA branded keep cup, intel branded universal USB -> smartphone charger, DSD branded stubbieholder and careers spiel pamphlet, LCA t-shirt, LCA conference guide and a Freetronics LeoStick.

Met up with some people and went to Murphy’s – an Irish pub on the main drag – for dinner.  Had the Irish Pizza which was quite pleasant, and generally emptied my wallet on food. (Ouch).

All in all a good start to the week – tomorrow is miniconfs.

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