This list is not exhaustive by any means. Internal-use only Systems and Tools that were not open-sourced are intentionally omitted.

Closed Source Projects

As Neko Attack Games

Open Source Projects

Ports and Libraries



Projects listed under Legacy are not under active development, may no longer work, or may no longer have any relevance.

  • libxplanemp: Common infrastructure to handle multiplayer aircraft in X-Plane
  • Orchestra: Secure, Distributed work queuing
  • unpickle-rb: Python Pickle unmarhsalling for Ruby
  • gosqlite3:  An interface to SQLite3 for Go
  • nomail: A simple null-SMTP server for when you need to have an SMTP service that can’t accept mail.
  • twiddled: A userspace driver for the Handykey Twiddler 1 chord keyboard
  • id3tool: A command-line tool for editing ID3v1 tags
  • xfpd: A modified version of the fpd renderer for Folding @ Home data
  • iJolt: A keepalive daemon for ISDN4Linux data connections