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Games and Censorship

Oh god, the OFLC and the NSW Attourney-General’s office have opened a can of worms.

Given the latest sort of back and forth, EB Games is a serious violator of the NSW Classification laws for selling games that currently aren’t classified.

These games include titles such as:  World of Warcraft, Age of Conan, Guild Wars and Warhammer Online (all of which I’ve seen on the shelves of my local EB).  I even have evidence of having bought unclassified games from EB in the past – I have a copy of Master of Orion I, which was bundled with UFO Enemy Unknown – UFO was classified, but MOO wasn’t – in its original EB shrinkwrap with the old-style EB price sticker intact.

Anyway, most of us don’t view this as being a big deal.  It seems EBGames doesn’t realise it’s breaking/has broken the law.  The NSW Police seem to be quietly ignoring it along with every other crime they ignore.

Anyway, there is a point to this, other than screaming at how stupid this all is.

Henceforth, I will not be posting my opinions on import games unless I can find evidence of an OFLC classification.  Technically, it might be sufficient to classify as a public demonstration if I include screenshots or detailed information about the game, so let’s just not risk it.  Besides, the imports I bring in for myself are a tiny tiny fraction of the total games I play and I rarely mention them anyway.

And…  if anybody talks about mass complaining to the NSW police that EB and every other games retailer are selling unclassified games, I’d strongly recommend participating.  It would give all of the relevant parties something to seriously think about if, all of a sudden, every reseller of games and the publishers are all being hit with classification infringements…